Tattoos of tattoo artist Andrey Vishnevskiy


  If we imagine that the Internet will disappear and a huge quantity of finished tattoo sketches and magazines, where you can easily obtain the information, the vast majority of tattoo artists will not work.  It is no secret that almost all tattoos in our country, and abroad too, made by ready-made drawings that roam the expanses of the Internet. Very often people come to the salon and talked to the master, hear the phrase, "Go find a picture and I shall fill it to you." Meanwhile tattoo masters say that the tattoo should be an individual, because we are all different and people want and need from each other different.  вЂ™Р’В In fact, the opposite is true. Rare master drawings sketches for tattoos himself. It is a vicious circle: the tattoo master does not want to or can not draw a sketch for tattoo itself and shifts the task to the customer, and the customer in the tattoo generally little understood and ultimately chooses battered image. Therefore are very few good tattoos. Sometimes it is a shame for a tattoo culture, after all, there is a wizard with good potential, but most of them because of their own laziness or inability to reach an agreement with the client make the tattoo like consumer goods.  

  I hold a different policy. I firmly believe that the tattoo - really an individual thing, and all the sketches for tattoo must to be drawn. Also, I'm an artist and it is not fun stuff on your skin any existing design, the majority of which by the way clumsily executed and do not have nothing in common with the visual arts. A tattoo in my opinion - a kind of visual art, it's the same picture, just painted on the body. Therefore, any tattoo as an art should have a concept, subject to the laws of color and composition.  Not all people go to a constructive dialogue. Sometimes the customer is so sure of himself, and thinks he knows better what and where you need to draw that just do not hear a reasonable argument, and advice that I always give my advice. For example, I always say that you should not do corny writing letters of Photoshop, but instead reflect the same meaning as in the form of a beautiful picture. Or not to tattoo over which already laughing all the tattoo artist, such as a wolf howling at the moon or tribal "like has Clooney."  In themselves these tattoos is not bad, but you need to realize that making a tattoo on an existing template you show no respect to your body.  

  Tattoo - this is an opportunity to express their ideas through drawing on the body, so you can not approach it as a hike in the supermarket - choose from the fact and chop it on the body. I respect the skin and the human body, and encourage customers to approach the process of tattooing consciously - in any case it is impossible to tattoo on the skin first available picture.  Hastily made tattoos lead to disappointment and very often people then such tattoos output or ask a tattoo artist to cover it with something beautiful. But to cover low-quality tattoo is not always possible and I prefer to work on clean skin.  If a person is not able to approach the tattoo is reasonable if it is after a detailed consultation continues to insist on the figure, which in my view would look silly and mediocre, I refuse him.   Fortunately there are people and there are many more who honestly admit that they have little understanding in the tattoo and they have confidence in my artistic experience. To work with such clients is very nice. Find out their preferences and desires, I spend working to find the images and symbols that would be able to fully reflect the idea of the customer. This work is not always easy and sometimes takes a long time. I do not mind any time to talk with a customer or effort spent on preparing for a tattoo for the sake of a good result.  

  However, the real mystery is when for a tattoo I have only the direction of the general idea, and I immediately jump the tattoo without a sketch directly on the body. Then in the process of live communication is born a masterpiece that I will be proud, and the customer himself.   

  Respect the work of tattoo artist and respect yourself - do only original tattoo!

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  Now I work in my own studio in Rostov-on-Don (Russia)

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