photo Buddhists say that the place of mans birth in new   incarnation united with the results of his lost life. The more   zealous was man on the enlightenrment way the more   convenient will be the next place of birth for individual’s   development. Birth in the country where hear confession of    dharma regard as privilege and conformal birth in remote   from this culture country says about misbehavior of the man   in  his lost live.

I was born in little worker’s settlement in Central Siberia,   where one can to reach only on helicopter. It’s happened in 1978 when Russia was Soviet Union in which atheism was reported as norm and had no one idea about Buddhism. Consider yourself how near from country where hear confession of enlighten way I was appeared on the light. On the other side from Siberia to Tibet on the straight is not very far. Where from karma wind may know about CK KPSU, closed borders, mass communistic poverty and about being doomed for ideological slavery.

One of my first memories is barrack’s corner covered with hoar frost and ice witch I pick at my finger. May be it evoked with my parent’s and elder sister’s tales. But any way I can easy imagine the walls freeze right through. I believe in another child’s reminiscences much more and it’s pleasant to think about it.

I remember the Uralian country side — my mother’s motherland, the huge sunflowers, draw-well, grandmother in head scarf and vivid apron, white birds on the river and wooden dusty bridge. And some more I had got a pig — little pink fellow who run and scared the sheep preventing to shear they. Burning stinging nettle near the path, about it must to remember to do not sting oneself, lorry full of firewood and neighbor old man starching to my boiled hen’s heart on clean checking handkerchief by his knotted hand. It’s my first gastronomical impression. Taste of that heart I remember until now and handkerchief’s geometrical design is before my eyes too. Perhaps that is why much later in youth I was interested and easy absorbed cubism and futurism art.

My childhood and youth passed in communal nine-storey house which was differing from gipsy camp only that conducted settled way of life. There I acquainted myself with difficulty of human relations, saw with my own eyes how in usual life take shape front lines between neighbours and relatives. There I noticed for the first time how people become the monsters, felt the walls harbor threat. Each corner, each step, each door saturated with fear, hatred and with treachery. In youth I become to notice how that fear turns people into monsters, makes they commit incredible, absurd actions, providing the growing inside they self monster essence fresh food.

Then ability to see hidden from eyes, real surrounding people’s faces become a defining point of my work. I see how show itself dark side of a man, see cattly greedy pursuit for pleasure. I see how man’s weaknesses turn him into pervert. This vision doesn’t allow me to stay indifferent. I wont to every of my pictures stops to be simply the paper’s or canvas’s surface and turns into a mirror where weak felled for fear soul could see it’s real reflection.

Andrey Vishnevskiy